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The goal of the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) is to catalyze the computing research community to debate longer range, more audacious research challenges; to build consensus around research visions; to evolve the most promising visions toward clearly defined initiatives; and to work with the funding organizations to move challenges and visions toward funding initiatives. The purpose of this blog is to provide a more immediate, online mechanism for dissemination of visioning concepts and community discussion/debate about them.

CCC Announces New Leadership

May 2nd, 2016 / in Announcements, CCC / by Helen Wright

Today we are happy to announce the new CCC leadership. Elizabeth Mynatt and Mark Hill will assume their roles as Chair and Vice Chair respectively for two-year terms beginning July 1, while Greg Hager is stepping down after two years as Chair.

Elizabeth D. Mynatt, Professor of Interactive Computing and the Executive Director of Georgia Tech’s Institute for People and Technology, will assume the role of Chair of the CCC. Mynatt has served on the CCC since its formation and has spearheaded activities forging research collaborations in healthcare and health information technologies. Recently, Mynatt was one of the lead organizers for the CCC and National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Aging in Place Workshop which led to a National Institutes of Health (NIH) new program for Collaborative Aging (in Place) Research Using Technology (CART) (U2C). Conclusions from that workshop were also integrated into the recent PCAST Report on Independence, Technology, and Connection in Older Age that Mynatt helped co-author.

Mark D. Hill, John P. Morgridge Professor, Gene M. Amdahl Professor of Computer Sciences, and Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, will become the Vice Chair. Hill co-authored white papers Accelerating Science: A Computing Research Agenda and Opportunities and Challenges for Next Generation Computing, the latter which was released in support of the White House nanotechnology-inspired grand challenge in October 2015. Prior to joining the CCC, he was the leader of a 2012 CCC whitepaper 21st Century Computer Architecture.

Greg Hager, Mandell Bellmore Professor of Computer Science at the Johns Hopkins University and Director of the Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare, will assume the role of Past Chair of the CCC, as he steps down after a two-year term. Under Hager’s leadership, the CCC released 18 white papers and held 13 visioning workshops for the community. He has been instrumental in organizing and leading a number of meetings co-sponsored by different agencies, including the Research Interfaces between Brain Science and Computer Science workshop whose purpose was to bring together computer scientists and neuroscientists to help create breakthrough technologies for President Obama’s BRAIN Initiative and the Science of Autonomy White Paper series that produced which produced eight white papers on the potential impact of intelligent robotic systems on society.

We thank Greg for his wonderful service to the community and look forward to continuing to catalyze the computing research community and enabling the pursuit of innovative, high-impact research with the new CCC leadership.

We announced the four new Computing Community Consortium (CCC) Council members that will join us July 1 for the start of their three-year terms last month in this blog post.

CCC Announces New Leadership