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ACM BuildSys 2015 Call for Papers

May 14th, 2015 / in Announcements, Research News / by Helen Wright


The 2nd ACM International Conference on Embedded Systems for Energy-Efficient Built Environments (BuildSys 2015) invites original contributions in the area of intelligent Systems for the Built Environment targeted particularly towards energy efficiency, improving performance, adding novel functionality, as well as deeply understanding infrastructure systems and the intercoupling between them. Over the past six years, BuildSys established itself first as the premier workshop for researchers, developers, and practitioners across interdisciplinary fields to present research results and exchange ideas in all information-driven aspects of the buildings. 2014 marked the first year for BuildSys as a full ACM conference. BuildSys this year will broaden its scope significantly to include all systems within the built environment, including buildings as well as other infrastructure systems such as water, power, transportation that will make up the “smart city” of the future. BuildSys will accept regular papers and notes papers that describe original and unpublished work advancing the state of art in systems for the built environment.

Papers are invited in all emerging aspects of information-driven building systems, such as:

  • Sensing, actuation and management of electrical loads in residential, commercial and industrial settings;
  • Novel sensor methodologies, sensor networks and applications that enhance energy efficiency, energy reliability, durability and occupant comfort;
  • Systems that integrate infrastructure with the emerging smart grid to provide demand response and ancillary services and/or manage utility costs;
  • Modeling, simulation, optimization, and control of heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation, water usage and other energy flows  in built environments;
  • Distributed generation, alternative energy, renewable sources, and energy storage in buildings;
  • Emerging communication standards for data collection, energy control, or interoperation of disparate devices or systems;
  • Systems that can influence occupant behavior towards a more parsimonious usage of electricity, gas, heating, water, etc.;
  • Localization and contextual computing for increased human-infrastructure interactions;
  • Software architectures and middleware to aid in programming smart built environments and smart cities;
  • Safety, Security and Privacy issues and mechanisms to address them in the context of sensed and actuated built environments;
  • Intercoupling and interdependencies of systems-of-systems.

Abstract registration is Monday, July 20, 2015 and the paper submission deadline is Friday July 24, 2015. 

For more information, please see the ACM BuildSys 2015 website
ACM BuildSys 2015 Call for Papers

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