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BRAIN Workshop, an exciting first day

December 4th, 2014 / in CCC, videos, workshop reports / by Ann Drobnis

IMG_1563The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) and National Science Foundation (NSF) are sponsoring a workshop on the Research Interfaces between Brain Science and Computer Science.  Top researchers in computer science, cognitive science and neuroscience are stepping out of their comfort zones to engage in conversations on topics ranging from the varying levels of brain mapping to the need for studying graph algorithms for weighted large brain graphs.

Plenary talks and panel discussions are being livestreamed.

Tonight (December 4) at 7:30 pm EST, you can see Turing Award Winner Leslie Valiant talk on Can Models of Computation in Neuroscience be Experimentally Validated?  

Tomorrow (December 5) there will be a Panel Discussion at 8:30 am EST on Creating Open-Science Platforms for Heterogeneous Brain Data followed by a Plenary talk at 10:05 am EST by Terrence Sejnowski on Theory, Computation, Modeling and Statistics: Connecting the Dots from the BRAIN Initiative.

You can also join the conversation on twitter using #cccbrain.

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BRAIN Workshop, an exciting first day

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