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2013 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit – OFF THE CHARTS

July 16th, 2013 / in Uncategorized / by Ed Lazowska

1000840_10102194300351408_442524159_nIt’s impossible to convey how great this year’s Microsoft Research Faculty Summit has been:  a “who’s who” of attendees from academia; heavy participation by top people from Microsoft Research; superb presentations on a range of research topics; and a total absence of marketing.

I’m currently sitting in the final breakout session of the second day:  on quantum computing, with extraordinary talks by Scott Aaronson (MIT), Charlie Marcus (Niels Bohr Institute), and Matthias Troyer ETH Zürich).  But I’m missing concurrent sessions on machine learning (with Andrew Ng (Stanford and Coursera) and 3 others), beating spam (with Stefan Savage (UCSD) and two others), and visual motion (with Noah Snavely (Cornell) and two others).

The good news for me and for you:  videos and slides of almost all of it are on the web.

Kudos to Microsoft Research for a truly worthwhile event!

2013 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit – OFF THE CHARTS