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NBC News Features New Robotics Era

May 13th, 2013 / in Uncategorized / by Shar Steed

Today, a feature story in the technology section of NBC News, Dawn of the bot? New era nears, experts say, brings additional attention to the exciting future of robotics.

Science fiction is quickly taking a back seat to science fact. Just look at a new report by the country’s leading roboticists. By 2030, it says, robots will be everywhere.


At the gym, they’ll help you train. In operating rooms, flea-sized robots will zip through your blood vessels to repair tissues. Using voice commands and hand gestures, humans will control robots in the cold vacuum of space, while bots deep underwater and high in the air will collaborate to protect the U.S. from natural disasters and military threats.


That’s the robot future envisioned by researchers at top U.S. universities including Georgia Tech, MIT, Stanford and Carnegie Mellon. In the collaborative report, they predict that robots will become “as ubiquitous over the next decades as computer technology is today.”


The collaborative report mentioned above is a follow up report to the CCC-led Robotics Roadmap (PDF) published in 2009. In March, Henrik Christensen, one of the original co-authors of the CCC-led report, gave an overview of the roadmap in its second iteration in a Congressional Robotics Caucus briefing. Click here to view the CRA Policy Blog summary of the briefing.

NBC News Features New Robotics Era

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