New Robotics Roadmap Presentation to Congress March 20

March 15th, 2013 by Shar Steed Post a comment »

On Wednesday, March 20, a new Robotics roadmap will be presented to the Congressional Caucus on Robotics. The presentation program will include:
• Overview – Henrik Christensen
• Manufacturing – Rethink Robotics – Rodney Brooks
• Logistics – KIVA Systems/Amazon – Pete Wurman
• Healthcare – Eksos Bionics – Nathan Harding

The new Robotics roadmap, organized by the Robotics Virtual Organization, includes updates to the sections on manufacturing, healthcare/medical robotics, and services. In addition it has two new sections on defense and space applications in recognition of the important role that space and defense robotics has both to R&D but also as early adopters.

The new report is a follow-up to the CCC-sponsored roadmap that was published in May 2009 and presented to the Congressional Caucus on Robotics on May 21, 2009. That roadmap subsequently led to the creation of the National Robotics Initiative (NRI) in 2011, which is jointly sponsored by NSF, USDA, NASA, and NIH.

The roadmap summarizes the strategic importance of robotics and automation technologies to manufacturing industries in the U.S. economy, describes applications where robotics and automation technologies will dramatically increase productivity, and outlines a visionary research and development roadmap with key research areas for immediate investment to reach these goals.