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Postdocs in Computational Complexity Blog

February 7th, 2013 / in Uncategorized / by Shar Steed

Check out CCC council member Lance Fortnow’s blog, “Computational Complexity.” Today’s post focuses on postdocs in computer science.

Anita Jones is troubled by the growing number of postdocs in computer science, she uses “troubling” twice in the first paragraph of her CACM Viewpoint. But is it really a troubling trend or just a natural outgrowth of a maturing field?


Theoretical computer science leads computer science in having and even embracing a postdoc culture. Nearly every graduating PhD in theoretical computer science that remains in academia takes a postdoc position before taking an tenure-track job. If anything I hear theorists lamenting a drop in theory postdocs this year with the end of the Simons postdocs and CI fellows.


Postdocs give PhDs a chance to focus on research and strengthen them for the future job market. I initially started as a two-year assistant professor at Chicago, basically a teaching postdoc. If I didn’t have that opportunity my research career would have died in its tracks.

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Postdocs in Computational Complexity Blog

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