Reinventing American Manufacturing – The Role of Innovation

December 26th, 2012 by Ed Lazowska Post a comment »

An excellent article by MIT’s Bill Bonvillian, just out in the MIT Press journal Innovations.  Bill’s prescription:

The U.S. must develop an integrated strategy if it is to reinvent its production capability. It should include the nine steps listed below:

  • Developing advanced technologies that could lead to new manufacturing paradigms
  • Selecting manufacturing paradigms that apply across a range of sectors
  • Integrating technology development with efforts to develop new processes and business models
  • In doing this, encompassing the new combined services/production model
  • Tracking where world production competitors are moving
  • Building at all levels a new advanced manufacturing workforce
  • Applying an organizational model that works across the seams between the R&D agencies
  • Creating new regional public-private infrastructure for testbedding and implementation
  • Tackling the financing problem for advanced manufacturing

Read the article here.