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CCC to sponsor challenges and visions track at CIDR 2013

December 6th, 2012 / in Uncategorized / by Kenneth Hines

CIDR 2013The CCC is sponsoring another in its series of “Challeges and Visions” tracks at the 6th Biennial Conference on Innovative Data Systems Research (CIDR) January 6-9, Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, CA.

As part of its mission to identify major new research opportunities, the CCC sponsors “challenges and visions” sessions at several conferences. The goal of these sessions is to break free of the shackles of the normal reviewing process while still requiring a paper.  In this way, a “challenges and visions” session differs from a “midnight session” of informal talks, in that the paper allows the ideas presented to be more broadly accessible.

CCC has sponsored eight such sessions at various conferences. For 2013, CCC is sponsoring  a challenges and visions track at the CIDR conference for the second time (the first was at CIDR 2011).  The CIDR conference, which began in 2003, is a database conference that seeks papers about innovative and risky approaches, systems-building experience, killer applications and “war stories,” experimental studies, unsolved technical challenges, provocative position statements, and other off-the-beaten-path papers on the architecture and implementation of data-centric systems. As such, the conference itself already goes part way towards addressing the CCC’s “challenges and visions” initiative.  Nevertheless, for the 2011 conference, CIDR added a CCC-sponsored “Outrageous Ideas and Visions” (OIV) track that focused on long-term challenges and opportunities for the database and data management communities that are outside of current mainstream research in the field.  Of particular note, the OIV track allowed for papers that lack any grounding in current or near-term practice or that address issues currently getting insufficient attention from the field.

CCC Council member Hank Korth chaired a subcommittee of the CIDR program committee that reviewed the OIV submissions and accepted 15 papers.  These papers introduce new application domains, new approaches to old problems, and new ways of thinking about data.  From these, three will be chosen at the Conference as CCC award-winners (receiving travel awards of varying amounts).  Click here to view the full program, the list of accepted OIV-track papers appears below:

Understanding Local Structure in Ranked Datasets 

Julia Stoyanovich (University of Pennsylvania); Sihem Amer-Yahia (CNRS, LIG, France); Susan Davidson (University of Pennsylvania); Marie Jacob (University of Pennsylvania); Tova Milo (Tel Aviv University)


Brainwash: A Data System for Feature Engineering 

Michael Anderson (University of Michigan); Dolan Antenucci (University of Michigan); Victor Bittorf (University of Wisconsin); Matthew Burgess (University of Michigan); Michael Cafarella (University of Michigan); Arun Kumar (University of Wisconsin); Feng Niu (University of Wisconsin); Yongjoo Park (University of Michigan); Christopher Re (University of Wisconsin); Ce Zhang (University of Wisconsin)


Mirror mirror on the wall, which query’s fairest of them all? 

Georgia Koutrika (HP Labs); Alkis Simitsis (HP Labs)


A Social Network Database that Learns How to Answer Queries 

Sara Cohen (Hebrew University of Jerusalem); Lior Ebel (Hebrew University of Jerusalem); Benny Kimelfeld (IBM Almaden Research Center)


DBSeer: Resource and Performance Prediction for Building a Next Generation Database Cloud 

Barzan Mozafari (MIT); Carlo Curino (Microsoft); Sam Madden (MIT)


D-Hive: Data Bees Pollinating RDF, Text, and Time 

Srikanta Bedathur (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology); Klaus Berberich (MPII); Ioannis Patlakas (MPII); Peter Triantafillou (University of Patras); Gerhard Weikum (MPII)


CrowdQ: Crowdsourced Query Understanding 

Gianluca Demartini (University of Fribourg); Beth Trushkowsky (UC Berkeley); Tim Kraska (Brown University); Michael Franklin (UC Berkeley)


Query Steering for Interactive Data Exploration 

Ugur Cetintemel (Brown University); Mitch Cherniack (Brandeis University); Justin DeBrabant (Brown University); Yanlei Diao (University of Massachusetts Amherst); Kyriaki Dimitriadou (Brandeis University); Alex Kalinin (Brown University); Olga Papaemmanouil (Brandeis University); Stan Zdonik (Brown University)


Abstraction without regret in data management systems 

Christoph Koch (EPFL)


 The Necessary Death of the Block Device Interface

Matias Bjorling (IT University of Copenhagen); Philippe Bonnet (IT University of Copenhagen); Luc Bouganim (INRIA); Niv Dayan (IT University of Copenhagen)


WWHow! Freeing Data Storage from Cages 

Alekh Jindal (Saarland University); Jorge Quiane (Saarland University); Jens Dittrich (Saarland University)


The bionic DBMS is coming, but what will it look like? 

Ryan Johnson (University of Toronto); Ippokratis Pandis (IBM Almaden Research Center)


Querying Without Keyboards 

Arnab Nandi (The Ohio State University)


Trusted Cells: A Sea Change for Personal Data Services 

Nicolas Anciaux (INRIA); Philippe Bonnet (IT University of Copenhagen); Luc Bouganim (INRIA); Benjamin Nguyen (INRIA); Iulian Popa (INRIA); Philippe Pucheral (INRIA)


 Stop That Query! The Need for Managing Data Use 

Prasang Upadhyaya (University of Washington); Nick Anderson (University of Washington); Magdalena Balazinska (University of Washington); Bill Howe (University of Washington); Raghav Kaushik (Microsoft Research); Ravi Ramamurthy (Microsoft Research); Dan Suciu (University of Washington)

(Contributed by Hank Korth, Lehigh University)

CCC to sponsor challenges and visions track at CIDR 2013

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