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“Tire Tracks” poster and brochure – “Continuing Innovation in Information Technology”

December 2nd, 2012 / in Uncategorized / by Ed Lazowska

In 1995, the Computer Science & Telecommunications Board of the National Research Council published the first “Tire Tracks Diagram” – illustrating the complex interplay among government, academia, and industry that has made America the world leader in information technology.  The diagram was included in the “Brooks-Sutherland” report examining the nation’s high performance computing and communications program.

In 2003, CSTB updated the diagram in the report “Innovation in Information Technology.”

A substantial revision has just been published in the new CSTB report “Continuing Innovation in Information Technology.”  The diagram illustrates the flow from fundamental research in fields such as digital communications, computer architecture, computer graphics, and AI into new multi-billion-dollar industry segments and flagship companies.

A poster-printable pdf is available here – print it and display it and use it in talks!

A tri-fold brochure also is available, here.

“Tire Tracks” has proven to be a great way to tell our story of unparalleled impact!

“Tire Tracks” poster and brochure – “Continuing Innovation in Information Technology”