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Bill Wulf resigns from the University of Virginia in protest

June 19th, 2012 / in Uncategorized / by Ed Lazowska

Bill Wulf

Eminent computer scientist Bill Wulf, who has been a leader by example for so many years in so many ways, has resigned from the University of Virginia to protest the recent conduct of the UVa Board of Visitors in removing President Teresa Sullivan.

Wulf’s letter to newly-appointed Interim President Carl P. Zeithaml, reported in the Washington Post, states:

“By this email I am submitting my resignation, effective immediately  …  A BOV that so poorly understands UVa, and academic culture more generally, is going to make a lot more dumb decisions  …  frankly, I think you should be ashamed to be party to this debacle!

“I urge my fellow faculty to join me.  The BOV needs to understand that there are real and immediate consequences to their actions …

“In my opinion the BOV has perpetrated the worst example of corporate governance I have ever seen.”

Read an interview with Bill regarding his resignation here, and watch a video here.

Bill Wulf resigns from the University of Virginia in protest