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ACM Names Its 2011 Fellows

December 9th, 2011 / in awards / by Erwin Gianchandani

ACM names its 2011 Fellows [image courtesy ACM].ACM is out with its 2011 Fellows, 46 of its members from universities, corporations, and research labs being recognized “for their contributions to computing that have provided fundamental knowledge to the computing field and generated multiple technology advances in industry, commerce, healthcare, entertainment, and education.” They join a distinguished set of colleagues honored since 1993.

Check out the 2011 Fellows and their contributions to the field after the jump…

Serge Abiteboul
INRIA SaclayFor contributions to the theory and practice of databases
Divyakant Agrawal
University of California, Santa BarbaraFor contributions to distributed data management systems
Ronald M. Baecker
University of TorontoFor contributions to human-computer interaction and computer animation
Thomas J. Ball
Microsoft ResearchFor contributions to software analysis and defect detection
Guy Blelloch
Carnegie Mellon UniversityFor contributions to parallel computing
Carl Ebeling
University of WashingtonFor contributions to the architecture and design of reconfigurable systems
David Eppstein
University of California, IrvineFor contributions to graph algorithms and computational geometry
Geoffrey C. Fox
Indiana UniversityFor contributions to software applications for high-performance computing, and for diversity outreach
George W. Furnas
University of MichiganFor contributions to human-computer interaction
David K. Gifford
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyFor contributions to distributed systems, e-commerce and content distribution
Ramesh Govindan
University of Southern CaliforniaFor contributions to computer networking
Baining Guo
Microsoft ResearchFor contributions to computer graphics
David Heckerman
Microsoft ResearchFor contributions to reasoning and decision-making under uncertainty
Gerard J. Holzmann
NASA Jet Propulsion LaboratoryFor contributions to software verification by model checking
Hugues Hoppe
Microsoft ResearchFor contributions to computer graphics
Christian S. Jensen
Aarhus UniversityFor contributions to temporal and spatio-temporal data management
Howard J. Karloff
AT&T Labs – ResearchFor contributions to the design and analysis of algorithms
Stephen W. Keckler
NVIDIA Corporation/The University of Texas at AustinFor contributions to computer architectures and technology modeling
Peter B. Key
Microsoft ResearchFor network control and routing
Scott Kirkpatrick
The Hebrew University of JerusalemFor simulated annealing and contributions to combinatorial optimization
Robert E. Kraut
Carnegie Mellon UniversityFor contributions to human-computer interaction
Susan Landau
Harvard UniversityFor public policy leadership in security and privacy
Ming C. Lin
University of North Carolina at Chapel HillFor contributions to geometric modeling and computer graphics
Peter S. Magnusson
Google Inc.For contributions to full-system simulation
Dahlia Malkhi
Microsoft ResearchFor contributions to fault-tolerant distributed computing
Keith Marzullo
National Science Foundation/University of California, San DiegoFor contributions to distributed systems and service to the computing community
Satoshi Matsuoka
Tokyo Institute of TechnologyFor contributions to the design of high-performance computers
Nelson Max
University of California, DavisFor contributions to visualization tools and computer animation
Joseph S.B. Mitchell
Stony Brook UniversityFor contributions to geometric computing and approximation algorithms
Shubu Mukherjee
Cavium, Inc.For contributions to modeling and design of high-performance and soft-error-tolerant microarchitectures
Beng Chin Ooi
National University of SingaporeFor contributions to spatio-temporal and distributed data management
Zehra Meral Özsoyoglu
Case Western Reserve UniversityFor contributions to database management systems
Janos Pach
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne—EPFL/Renyi Institute/Courant Institute at NYUFor contributions to computational geometry
Linda Petzold
University of California, Santa BarbaraFor contributions to computational science
Martha E. Pollack
University of MichiganFor contributions to planning systems design and for service to the computing community
Dan Roth
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignFor contributions to machine learning and natural language processing
John W. Sanguinetti
Forte Design SystemsFor contributions to hardware simulation
Margo Seltzer
Harvard University/Oracle CorporationFor contributions to data management and computing systems
Amit Singhal
Google Inc.For contributions to search and information retrieval
Diane L. Souvaine
Tufts UniversityFor contributions to computational geometry and for service on behalf of the computing community
Divesh Srivastava
AT&T Labs – ResearchFor contributions to query processing in data management systems
Dan Suciu
University of WashingtonFor contributions to probabilistic databases and semistructured data
Dean M. Tullsen
University of California, San DiegoFor contributions to the architecture of high-performance processors
Amin Vahdat
University of California, San Diego/Google Inc.For contributions to data center scalability and management
David J. Wetherall
University of WashingtonFor contributions to computer network design
Frank Kenneth Zadeck
L.J. Gonzer AssociatesFor contributions to optimizing compilers

For more, check out ACM’s press release announcing this year’s Fellows.

Congratulations to our colleagues!

(Contributed by Erwin Gianchandani, CCC Director)

ACM Names Its 2011 Fellows

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