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More Stanford CS, Entrepreneurship Courses Go Online

November 22nd, 2011

More Stanford CS, Entrepreneurship Courses Go Online [image courtesy].This fall, Stanford launched a highly-publicized experiment in online learning, offering three of its most popular introductory computer science classes — Machine Learning, Introduction to Databases, and Introduction to Artificial Intelligence — through the Web for free. The classes, taught by Stanford faculty, are being held online in conjunction with the regular on-campus courses. And by all accounts, they’ve been a huge hit: over 130,000 people signed up for the AI class, and while the numbers have dropped off considerably now that school is actually in session, some 35,000 students turned in the first three weeks of homework assignments (in addition to the 175 Stanford students taking the class on campus).

Now comes word that, starting in January and February, Stanford will offer 7 new courses, in addition to a new section of Machine Learning (after the jump):

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NSF Launches Secure & Trustworthy Cyberspace Program; Webinar Scheduled

November 22nd, 2011

NSF Launches Cross-Foundation Secure & Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC) Program for FY 12 [image courtesy NSF].Last month, the National Science Foundation (NSF) launched a new multi-disciplinary program — Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC) — seeking proposals that address cybersecurity needs. SaTC replaces NSF’s Trustworthy Computing (TwC) program, expanding support within the Foundation to include, in addition to the Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Engineering (CISE), the directorates for Social, Behavioral, & Economic Sciences (SBE) and Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS) and Office of Cyberinfrastructure (OCI). Late yesterday, in an effort to help researchers interested in cybersecurity understand the opportunities being made available through SaTC, NSF announced that it will hold a webinar about the new program on Friday, December 2, 2011, at 1pm EST.

From the official solicitation:

Cybersecurity is an important challenge in today’s world. Corporations, agencies, national infrastructure and individuals have been victims of cyber-attacks. Addressing this problem requires multi-disciplinary expertise in human, statistical, mathematical, computational, and computer sciences and ultimately the transition of new concepts and technologies to practice.


The SaTC program seeks proposals that address cybersecurity from one or more of three perspectives: Trustworthy Computing Systems, Social, Behavioral and Economics,and Transition to Practice, as well as proposals that combine multiple perspectives. Proposers are invited to submit proposals in three project classes, which are defined below:


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