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Announcing the 2011 Computing Innovation Fellows

October 14th, 2011 / in CIFellows / by Erwin Gianchandani

2011-12 Computing Innovation (CIFellows) ProjectWith support from the National Science Foundation, the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) today named 20 talented recent Ph.D.s in computer science and allied fields 2011 Computing Innovation Fellows (CIFellows). These exceptionally talented researchers — from 18 different Ph.D.-granting colleges and universities — are beginning one- to two-year postdoctoral positions at 17 academic and industrial research institutions nationwide. They join a total of 107 others who have been supported through the CIFellows Project since 2009, as part of a short-term effort to forestall a permanent loss of research talent due to the financial crisis and subsequent economic downturn.

The 2011 CIFellows were competitively selected from 177 applicants spanning 76 Ph.D.-granting colleges and universities. As in past years, the application and review process encouraged broad participation and diversity. About 30 percent of the 2011 CIFellows are women.

It is intended that this year’s CIFellows will be afforded the kinds of independent research experiences that have enabled many of the 2009 and 2010 CIFellows to hone their skills, enhance their credentials, and land permanent positions in research and teaching. For example, as of today, 39 of the 60 CIFellows initially supported in 2009 — and five of the 47 supported in 2010 — have landed tenure-track faculty or industrial research positions.

See the list of 2011 CIFellows and their mentors after the jump…

CIFellow Ph.D.-granting university Research area Mentor Host organization
Amin Ansari University of Michigan Hardware/architecture Josep Torrellas University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ferhat Ay University of Florida Scientific/medical informatics William Noble University of Washington
Selina Chu University of Southern California AI/machine learning/robotics/vision Thomas Dietterich Oregon State University
Shay Cohen Carnegie Mellon University AI/machine learning/robotics/vision Michael Collins Colubmia University
Travis Deyle Georgia Institute of Technology AI/machine learning/robotics/vision Matt Reynolds Duke University
David Feil-Seifer University of Southern California AI/machine learning/robotics/vision Brian Scassellati Yale University
Lakshmi Ganesh Cornell University Networks/operating systems Michael Dahlin University of Texas at Austin
Jonathan Huang Carnegie Mellon University AI/machine learning/robotics/vision Leonidas Guibas Stanford University
Mohit Tiwari University of California at Santa Barbara Hardware/architecture Krste Asanovic’ University of California at Berkeley
Hemanta Maji University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Information systems/information science Amit Sahai University of California at Los Angeles
David Mimno Univesrity of Massachusetts at Amherst AI/machine learning/robotics/vision David Blei Princeton University
Ankur Moitra Massachusetts Institute of Technology Theory/algorithms Avi Widgerson Institute for Advanced Study
Rohan Murty Harvard University Networks/operating systems Hari Balakrishnan Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Joshua Reich Columbia University Networks/operating systems Jennifer Rexford Princeton University
Suchi Saria Stanford University Scientific/medical informatics Kenneth Mandl Children’s Hospital Boston
Erin Solovey Tufts University HCI/CSCW Mary Cummings Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ian Stevenson Northwestern University Other — computational neuroscience Bruno Olshausen University of California at Berkeley
Kalliopi (Kelly) Tsota Purdue University Software engineering Jason Cong University of California at Los Angeles
Lirong Xia Duke University AI/machine learning/robotics/vision David Parkes Harvard University
Hong-Sheng Zhou University of Connecticut Information systems/information science Jonathan Katz University of Maryland


…and view the official press release here.

(Contributed by Erwin Gianchandani, CCC & CIFellows Project Director)

Announcing the 2011 Computing Innovation Fellows