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NSF Calling for “Connecting Researchers and Public Audiences”

June 9th, 2011 / in resources / by Erwin Gianchandani

NSF's Connecting Researchers and Public Audiences (CRPA) awards [image courtesy NSF]The National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Division on Research on Learning (DRL) has announced its intent to fund up to 24 Connecting Researchers and Public Audiences (CRPA) awards in the coming year, enabling the research community to share NSF research (outcomes) with the public through informal learning approaches. Researchers from all disciplines — including computer science — are encouraged to apply. Proposals may be submitted at any time, and each award will be up to $150,000 for up to two years.

CRPA — now housed within the DRL’s Informal Science Education (ISE) program — has a history of funding “active researchers to share with the public key features of their research such as the methods, results, and significance.” In particular, CRPA projects connect with public audiences in informal learning settings, such as:

  • Media — documentary films, public TV, and radio;
  • Web-based platforms, video games, mobile learning technologies, etc.;
  • Museums, science and nature centers, zoological and botanical park, aquaria, planetariums, etc.; and
  • Community and regional environments.

From the solicitation:

Connecting Researchers and Public Audiences (CRPA) projects relate to the “implement, study efficacy, and improve” component of the DRL cycle of innovation and promote knowledge-building in society, thereby enhancing the intellectual capital of the Nation… This type of ISE investment is an effort to broaden the impacts of NSF research by promoting the general public’s STEM literacy and engagement with research in out-of-school settings…

To be eligible, PIs must have had an active NSF-funded research award within the last 12 months. Collaborations between NSF-funded researchers, informal science organizations, and evaluator(s) are required.

To learn more, read the entire ISE/CRPA solicitation or contact the NSF Program Director, Wyn Jennings.

Please consider applying — this is a critically important part of our duty as a research community!

(Contributed by Erwin Gianchandani, CCC Director)

NSF Calling for “Connecting Researchers and Public Audiences”

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