First CIFellows sub-award completed!

July 30th, 2009 by Ed Lazowska Post a comment »

untitledToday, the first sub-award in the Computing Innovation Fellows project was completed!

Under the CIFellows project – conceived of and implemented by CCC and CRA, and funded by a $15 million award from NSF – 60 extraordinary new Ph.D. graduates have been paired with 60 outstanding mentors for postdoctoral opportunities that advance the computing field.

The CIFellows project was conceived in February as a response to the current economic climate.  The goal is to keep outstanding Ph.D. graduates “in the research and education game” until the climate improves.  It is a huge tribute to NSF, CCC, CRA, the computing research community, and Peter Lee (who directs the project) that we were able to go from conception to sub-award in 5 months!

  • Eileen Kraemer

    Have the names of the fellows and their mentors been posted anywhere?

  • Maria C. R. Harrington

    I applied to your program, on time, with a complete application, but I have not heard from CIFellows. Please let me know the status of my application. Thank you – Maria