“Computing Research that Changed the World” – VIDEOS!

June 7th, 2009 by Ed Lazowska Post a comment »

loc1-300x219On March 25th, the Computing Community Consortium organized a spectacular daylong symposium at the Library of Congress:  “Computing Research that Changed the World:  Reflections and Perspectives.”

Videos of the presentations (as well as slides) are now available on the symposium website.  See http://www.cra.org/ccc/locsymposium_slides.php for the complete agenda with individual links, or see our YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/computingresearch.

Talks at the Symposium included:

  • Introductory Session
    • Ed Lazowska (University of Washington), “Changing the World”
  • Session 1: The Internet and the World Wide Web
    • Alfred Spector (Google), “Why We’re Able to Google”
    • Eric Brewer (UC Berkeley), “The Magic of the ‘Cloud’: Supercomputers for Everybody, Everywhere”
    • Luis von Ahn (Carnegie Mellon University), “Human Computation”
  • Session 2: Evolving Foundations
    • Barbara Liskov (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), “Security of Online Information”
    • Daphne Koller (Stanford University), “Learning to Improve Our Lives”
    • Jon Kleinberg (Cornell University), “Global Information Networks”
  • Session 3: The Transformation of the Sciences via Computation
    • Larry Smarr (UC San Diego), “Supercomputers and Supernetworks are Transforming Research”
    • Chris Johnson (University of Utah), “Computing and Visualizing the Future of Medicine”
    • Gene Myers (Howard Hughes Medical Institute), “Zooming In On Life”
  • Session 4: Computing Everywhere!
    • Deborah Estrin (UCLA), “Sensing Everywhere!”
    • Pat Hanrahan (Stanford University), “Pixels Everywhere!”
    • Rodney Brooks (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), “Robots Everywhere!”