A Symposium on “Computing Research that Changed the World”

March 15th, 2009 by Peter Lee Post a comment »

Ed Lazowska and Peter Lee on November 4 proposed a brainstorming exercise to identify about a dozen game-changing advances in computing research over the past 20 years. A large number of people responded, as summarized in a November 30 post. The CCC has organized a really important symposium on March 25 that has short talks on 12 such advances. Check out http://www.cra.org/ccc/locsymposium.php for details.

I think that this symposium is really important because with a new administration in Washington, we have people who appreciate the importance of fundamental research. If we increase the size of the funding pie, all of us will benefit. The best way to increase the size of the computing research part of the pie is to link advances in computing research to advances in other fields and the larger society.

That is what the March 25 symposium is about. With the cast of speakers we have lined up and the number of people from government agencies and Congress who will be attending, we have a great chance to make a difference. Check out the program; we had to keep the invitation list small due to the location, but all the talks will be recorded.

Greg Andrews