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Action Alert! Urge Your Representatives to Support Science

February 3rd, 2009 / in resources / by Peter Lee

A very important message to the Computing Research Advocacy Network (CRAN) is now on the CRA Government Affairs Blog. We are asking our members to contact their representatives in Congress now to request support for science funding in the stimulus bill. Quoting:

Today we’re asking members of our Computing Research Advocacy Network (CRAN) — and anyone else with an interest in seeing fundamental research and research infrastructure budgets reflect their critical importance to the long-term health of U.S. economy and quality of life — to contact their representatives in Congress and urge their support for science funding in the nearly $900 billion stimulus bill now making its way through Congress…

…It is important that we generate letters from as many institutions as possible. Because the Senate has come out with sharply reduced numbers in their version of the bill, there will be temptation in the conference process to reduce or trade away big science increases for gains elsewhere in the bill. Significant participation rates in this effort will help keep the pressure on Members to continue to support science in the bill.

The full text of the CRAN Action Alert is available here, along with a sample letter.

This is an incredibly important time right now for our nation and for the future of science research. If ever there was a time to act, it is now.

Action Alert! Urge Your Representatives to Support Science

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