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The goal of the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) is to catalyze the computing research community to debate longer range, more audacious research challenges; to build consensus around research visions; to evolve the most promising visions toward clearly defined initiatives; and to work with the funding organizations to move challenges and visions toward funding initiatives. The purpose of this blog is to provide a more immediate, online mechanism for dissemination of visioning concepts and community discussion/debate about them.

Nominations Sought for New CCC Council Members

January 1st, 2009 / in resources / by Peter Lee

Deadline: January 14, 2009.

What questions shape our intellectual future? What attracts the best and brightest minds of a new generation? What are the next big computing ideas – the ones that will define the future of computing, galvanize the very best students, and catalyze research investment and public support?

The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) is charged with mobilizing the computing research community to answer these questions by identifying major research opportunities for the field, and by creating venues for community participation in this process. The CCC supports these efforts through advocacy with federal agencies, through visioning activities such as workshops, through arranging plenary talks on key topics at major venues, and through other community building activities.

The CCC is funded by the National Science Foundation under a cooperative agreement with the Computing Research Association. The work of the CCC is carried out by an active and engaged Council, currently chaired by Ed Lazowska with Susan Graham as vice-chair, which reports to the CRA board. The members of the Council are appointed by CRA in consultation with NSF, with staggered 3 year terms. In the aggregate, the Council must reflect the full breadth of the computing research community – research area, institutional character, etc. Details on the role of CCC, as well as the current composition of the Council, may be found at

We invite nominations (including self-nominations) for members to serve on the CCC Council for the next three years. Please send suggestions, together with the information below, to Eric Grimson, Sarita Adve, or Andrew Chien by January 14th. This committee’s recommendations will serve as input to CRA and NSF, who are responsible for making the final selection.

  1. Name, affiliation, and email address of the nominee.
  2. Research interests.
  3. Previous significant service to the research community and other relevant experience, with years it occurred (no more than *five* items).
  4. A brief biography or curriculum vitae of the nominee.
  5. A statement from the nominator or nominee of less than 1 page, supporting the nomination by describing the nominee’s ideas for, commitment to, accomplishments in, and potential future contributions to the missions of the CCC in engaging broader communities, finding wider funding sources, and encouraging new research directions. What the CCC Council needs is not famous people with lots of awards, but people with ideas, judgment, and the willingness to work.
Nominations Sought for New CCC Council Members