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The goal of the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) is to catalyze the computing research community to debate longer range, more audacious research challenges; to build consensus around research visions; to evolve the most promising visions toward clearly defined initiatives; and to work with the funding organizations to move challenges and visions toward funding initiatives. The purpose of this blog is to provide a more immediate, online mechanism for dissemination of visioning concepts and community discussion/debate about them.

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OSTP Exit Memo

January 10th, 2017 / in Announcements, CCC, research horizons, Research News / by Helen Wright

The following is a guest blog post by CCC Chair Beth Mynatt, CCC Vice Chair Mark D. Hill, CCC Council Member Debra J. Richardson, and CCC Director Ann Drobnis.  Last week the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) released an Exit Memo that highlights the impact that the administration has had in “reinvigorating the American scientific technological enterprise.” Dr. John Holdren, Director of OSTP, and Megan Smith, U.S. Chief Technology Officer, offer actions that are needed in the near term to broaden participation in science, technology, and innovation to continue driving prosperity. The first action identified is: Investing in fundamental research, the fundamental, curiosity-driven inquiry that is […]

The White House Frontiers Conference

October 11th, 2016 / in Announcements, pipeline, policy, research horizons, Research News / by Helen Wright

This Thursday President Obama will host the White House Frontiers Conference, a national convening co-hosted with the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to explore the future of innovation here and around the world. The Computing Community Consoritum (CCC) Chair Beth Mynatt and Director Ann Drobnis and are excited to participate in the conference. It will focus on building U.S. capacity in science, technology, and innovation through a number of different tracks, including Personal, Local, National, Global, and Interplanetary. The CCC has done a lot of work in the Local track space, which is on smart inclusive communities. One of the presenters, Charlie Catlett from the University of Chicago and Argonne National Lab, was one […]

White House to Invest Over $80 Million Dollars in the Smart Cities Initiative

September 26th, 2016 / in Announcements, CCC, NSF, policy, Research News, resources / by Helen Wright

To kick off the start of Smart Cities Week, the White House has announced that it is expanding its Smart Cities initiative, by adding over $80 million dollars in new federal investments and doubling the number of participating communities (to over 70 in total). The Community Community Consortium (CCC) held a Smart Cities panel and discussion at the Computing Research Symposium: Addressing National Priorities and Societal Needs. You can see the full discussion here. Some highlights from the White House Fact Sheet are below: Today, to kick off Smart Cities Week, the Administration is expanding this initiative, with over $80 million in new Federal investments and a doubling of the number of […]

The National Strategic Computing Initiative Turns One

August 4th, 2016 / in Announcements, policy, Research News / by Helen Wright

The White House recently released a blog celebrating the one year anniversary of the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI), which was created to ensure continued U.S. leadership in high-performance computing (HPC). The blog details the important steps various Federal agencies have taken to create the foundation for a long-lasting and successful Federal initiative. A few examples are summarized below. See the White House blog to learn more. The Department of Energy (DOE) has invested in a suite of efforts to continue developing the research base for “Post-Moore’s Law era” computing. These activities include convenings, such as a workshop on neuromorphic computing and a science roundtable with representatives from national laboratories and […]

National Week of Making!

June 22nd, 2016 / in Announcements, research horizons / by Khari Douglas

Contributions to this post were provided by Meredith M. Lee, Executive Director of the West Data Hub from UC Berkeley. President Obama released a proclamation announcing June 17 through June 23, 2016 as National Week of Making. He called upon all Americans to observe this week with programs, ceremonies, and activities that encourage a new generation of makers and manufacturers to share their talents, solutions, and skills. From the press release: During National Week of Making, we recommit to sparking the creative confidence of all Americans and to giving them the skills, mentors, and resources they need to harness their passion and tackle some of our planet’s greatest challenges… Over […]

Administration Issues Strategic Plan for Big Data Research and Development

May 23rd, 2016 / in Announcements, policy, research horizons, Research News / by Helen Wright

Big Data has been a major theme of the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) over the years. In addition to having a Convergence of Data and Computing Task Force, the CCC held two events for Big Data that coalesced the research community and the usage community in 2008. A number of CCC’s white papers have also focused on the topic, including Challenges and Opportunities with Big Data (2012), Opportunities and Challenges for Next Generation Computing (2015), Accelerating Science: A Computing Research Agenda (2016), and a series of white papers on Big Data and National Priorities (2010) that were instrumental in the creation of the Big Data Initiative.   The following is a White House Blog Post by Keith Marzullo, the Director of the Networking […]