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US Ignite Releases Video Showcase from the 2017 US Ignite Application Summit

October 18th, 2017 / in Announcements / by Khari Douglas

Administration Announcing US Ignite Broadband Initiative [image courtesy US Ignite].US Ignite, a nonprofit whose mission is to push the creation of next-generation applications and services that utilize networking technologies to build smart communities, recently released a video showcase of select US Ignite Smart Gigabit Community application teams from their 2017 US Ignite Application Summit. The videos include:

Compute for Cancer: Compute for Cancer is where the Internet of things meets distributed computing. The world is full of unused or underutilized computing power. Using the Berkeley Open Infrastructure Network Computing, these application developers are working to collect idle computing power from any device such as a phone, computer or data center and donate it to cancer research supercomputers. 
Watch the video or learn more.


Towards Wireless Computer Vision: Being developed at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, this project provides 3D surveillance based on a vehicular network for public safety. The team is working very closely with Detroit Police and Wayne State Police, and the team intends to address the question of the interface between the human environment and engineering systems. Watch the video.


ParaDrop replaces today’s Wi-Fi router with an intelligent platform capable of handling the fast-paced, complex, and evolving Internet of tomorrow. ParaDrop lives on Wi-Fi routers, where special applications can be installed with the permissions of owners. These apps enable your router, the nerve center of all Internet in the home, to solve complex problems in ways that are impossible using today’s routers.We achieve this by keeping content that would normally go to the cloud inside of the router instead. Watch the video or learn more.


Double Up Food Bucks 
Double Up Food Bucks is the first statewide incentive program to be rolled out with a uniform design, central administration, and local implementation. It has proven to be successful in rural, urban, and suburban communities alike. The program is rooted in partnerships—both with local partners and key statewide efforts. Watch the video or learn more. 


Connected Autonomous Vehicles 
At University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, researchers are working on large-scale fleet management and coordination in extreme and complex urban driving scenarios. To ensure safety at all times, autonomous vehicles must incorporate substantial situational awareness by taking advantage of real-time data from the transportation infrastructure or other vehicles. Watch the video or learn more.

To find out how to get involved with the 2018 US Ignite Application Summit in Kansas City, March 27th-29th contact Scott Turnbull at To watch the full play list of video from the 2017 Summit, please click here.


US Ignite Releases Video Showcase from the 2017 US Ignite Application Summit

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