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NSF Data Science Webinar- DevOps at Amazon: A Look at Our Tools and Processes

June 20th, 2016 / in Announcements, NSF, Research News / by Helen Wright

Bill VassThe AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellows at the National Science Foundation (NSF) have organized another talk in their Data Science Seminar Series from Bill Vass on DevOps at Amazon: A Look at Our Tools and Processes. The talk will be tomorrow, Tuesday, June 21, 2016 from 3:30PM-4:30PM EDT.

Bill Vass, Vice President of Engineering at Amazon Web Services, where he oversees the team working on Amazon S3 Object Storage Service, Amazon Glacier, Simple Queuing Service, Simple Work Flow, Auto Scaling, Messaging, Transactional Systems, and Kinesis Streaming Services. With these projects, the Storage Services team runs the largest software defined storage system in the world, which is used by web-based companies, consumer companies, enterprises, and the growing world of Internet of Things stream, to store and retrieve information quickly and efficiently. The services help to on-ramp data into the AWS ecosystem so that companies can scale quickly and utilize data by taking advantage the AWS compute and analytic services.

As Amazon has transitioned to the cloud, it moved from a monolithic architecture and waterfall based development model to a service oriented architecture based on an agile and devops methodology.  We will discuss Amazon’s move to the cloud, the development and growth of Amazon Web Services (AWS), and how the devops model is implemented within AWS.  Amazon’s customer focused methodology combined with devops and a flexible scaling infrastructure has allowed Amazon and AWS to significantly accelerate innovation and the delivery of new products and features.

The talk will be held in Room 110 at the National Science Foundation in Arlington, VA. No RSVP is necessary, and no visitor badges are required. It will also be webcast; you can register here

NSF Data Science Webinar- DevOps at Amazon: A Look at Our Tools and Processes

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