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Highlights from the GCTC Kick-Off Event

November 24th, 2015 / in Announcements, policy, research horizons, Research News, workshop reports / by Helen Wright

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.36.53 PMThe following blog post is from Sokwoo Rhee, the Associate Director of Cyber-Physical Systems Program at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He is leading the Global City Teams Challenge that had its kick-off event in early November


NIST and US Ignite are pleased to report that the Global City Teams Challenge Kick-off on November 12 and 13th was a great success. Thank you to all who joined us in person, via webcast and at satellite Kick-off events in Chicago, Raleigh, and Toronto.

Plenary programs included 27 speakers representing government agencies, non-profits and private sector. If you missed any of these presentations, you can catch-up here. Copies of the slides that the plenary speakers used in their presentations can be found here.

Of course, the Kick-off event also included unique opportunities for networking and GCTC team-formation. Thirteen teams presented during the report-out session on Friday, November 13. The slides for each of the project team report-outs can be found here. Additionally, pages for each of these projects have been uploaded to the GCTC website and are available for your review.

Please Join Us!

Now that the new round of GCTC is officially underway, we hope you will consider joining us as a participant. For anyone interested in joining the GCTC, there are three potential next steps:

  • Contact the team leader for one or more of the proposed GCTC Action Clusters. Many of the action cluster pages on the GCTC website include contact information you can use to connect with any of the proposed Action Clusters. If you would like to connect with a team where no team lead information is available, please contact
  • Submit a GCTC project proposal. To do so, please complete this project worksheet and send it to and
  • Join the newly formed GCTC group on LinkedIn. We hope our new LinkedIn group page will facilitate helpful networking and team-building. Join the GCTC LinkedIn Group to share your areas of interest/expertise and connect with LinkedIn group members to develop project ideas.

For GCTC team leaders, Bill Maguire and I intend to start reaching out to each of you to discuss your projects and identify how NIST and US Ignite might help support your Action Cluster. Please contact us at and, if you would like to schedule a call to discuss your project.

Two Notable Announcements at the Kick-Off:

GCTC Partners IBM and Intel announced the availability of resources for GCTC teams. Intel is making available Intel® IoT Developer Kits (“Dev Kits”) to qualified teams participating in the GCTC. To apply, submit an application before December 18, 2015. IBM is making available to GCTC Participants an extended free trial of the Bluemix cloud platform. Sign up information can be found here.

NIST announced that the First International Workshop on Science of Smart City Operations and Platforms Engineering with Global City Teams Challenge (SCOPE w/GCTC) will take place on April 11, 2016 in Vienna, Austria. This conference is an opportunity for the GCTC teams and smart city stakeholders to present and publish their technical accomplishments. To learn more or submit a paper, please visit

Best Regards,

Sokwoo Rhee
Associate Director of Cyber-Physical Systems Program
National Institute of Standards and Technology

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