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50 Emerging Global Entrepreneurs to Watch

October 20th, 2015 / in awards / by Khari Douglas

Kairos 50The Kairos Society, a San Francisco-based international organization that supports the development of entrepreneurs has published its fourth annual list of Kairos 50; a list of 50 emerging global startups, with at least one founder under the age of 25. The list of 50 finalists was chosen from 550 nominations and one winner could get $50,000 from Ev Williams, one of Twitter’s co-founders.

Some computing-related highlights of the finalists include:

  • Adjuvo Motion, a Netherlands-based, health-tech company that offers monitoring systems and diagnostic tools for outpatient monitoring and a brace that can help patients undergoing therapy.
  • Ava, a company that has developed an app that transcribes group conversations in real time to help deaf and hard or hearing people.
  • CodeHS, a San Francisco-based startup that offers interactive online tutoring in computer science and programming.
  • Erghis Technologies, a Swedish startup that has developed a prototype platform that allows for wireless interaction with digital devices, such as a smartphone, computer, or robotic arm.
  • Leka, a French company that has developed a robot that is designed to interact with and assist autistic children and to provide data to parents, doctors and caretakers.

To learn about more of the finalists, read the article on

50 Emerging Global Entrepreneurs to Watch

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