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22 Of The Most Powerful Women Engineers In The World

July 10th, 2014 / in Announcements, CCC, policy, Research News / by Helen Wright


Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 1.34.12 PMWe often hear about the dearth of women in computer science and engineering fields. Many organizations are working hard to attract and retain women in these fields. In an article titled 22 Most Powerful Women Engineers In the WorldBusiness Insider showcases powerful women engineers.  From the article:

There’s a huge push these days to encourage more girls to learn to code and to hire more women engineers once they graduate. The tech industry knows it can’t fill all the jobs it has while discouraging half the population from joining the industry. It also knows that it can’t do a good job of designing new tech products for women if women aren’t part of the design process.

Tal RabinWomen in technical jobs are still vastly outnumbered by men, but once a year Business Insider recognizes some of the female leaders in the field.

Congratulations to all of the women, especially our very own CCC Council Member Tal Rabin!

22 Of The Most Powerful Women Engineers In The World