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WATCH Talk – Deborah Frincke on “Education and Training ­ NSA/CSS Style”

April 14th, 2014 / in Uncategorized / by Shar Steed

WATCHThe next WATCH Talk is scheduled for April 17 at noon EST. Deborah Frincke will discuss Education and Training within the National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS). Dr. Frincke  is the NSA/CSS Associate Director for Education and Training, leads the National Cryptologic School (NCS)  titled as the NCS Commandant, and manages a worldwide multiservice military and civilian, corporate-level learning organization to deliver education, training and career development to members of the NSA/CSS workforce.



Education and Training within the National Security Agency/Central Security Service is a complex, global, mission-driven effort, incorporating essentially every aspect of learning that an employee might require. Whether civilian or military, encompassing a short tour or multiple decades of a career, either highly specific to a particular job role or intended to educate in very broad creative disciplines, all are affected.   


There are numerous aspects to the task: delivery, standards, outreach, and workforce readiness. The first is accomplished through providing and managing learning activities through the global National Cryptologic School (NCS), with over twenty locations worldwide, supporting nearly two dozen different skill communities, including Language and Computer Science. The second is accomplished by leveraging the authority of the Training Director for NSA/CSS  by establishing and assessing effectiveness of standards for Cryptologic training with the services through each of the Cryptologic Training System Schoolhouses. Outreach is achieved in many ways, including the NSA/CSS role in StarTalk, GenCyber,    the Centers of Academic Excellence, and the Center for Cryptologic History. Finally, there is the job of ensuring that learning activities are properly establishing workforce readiness to achieve ongoing and emerging NSA/CSS missions. 


The talk will highlight aspects of all four areas, illustrating them with activities such as the newly established NSA/CSS Cyber College within NCS, as well as other examples of the unique challenges and opportunities that arise while providing mission-driven lifelong learning for a highly technical, diverse, and geographically dispersed workforce.  

The talk will be webcast; you can register here.

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WATCH Talk – Deborah Frincke on “Education and Training ­ NSA/CSS Style”

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