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A Day of Trustworthiness: Festschrift for Fred Schneider

December 9th, 2013 / in Uncategorized / by Ann Drobnis

??????????????????????On December 5, 2013, the computer science department at Cornell University, along with Google and Microsoft, sponsored the Fred B. Schneider Symposium on Trustworthiness.  This was a day focused on issues of computing systems for trustworthiness.  It is fitting to honor Fred in this way, as much of the research in his academic career has been on issues of trustworthiness, from his work on concurrency, distributed systems, and fault tolerance, to formal methods and logic and later security.

The day opened with a session on Cybersecurity, with talks from Jeannette Wing, Farnam Jahanian and Keith Marzullo.  Next was a session on Methodology, with talks from Barbara Liskov and Cliff Jones.  Fred has been very active in federal policy for the computer science community throughout his career.  In this spirit, there was a panel on policy, with Susan Landau and Marjory Blumenthal speaking about the scene in Washington.  The day continued with another session on cybersecurity, with presentations from Brian Randell, Greg Morrisett and Butler Lampson.  The day concluded with a session on Building on Earth and in the Clouds, with talks from Leslie Lamport and Randy Katz.  Descriptions of the talks can be found here.

David Gries, Fred’s colleague and friend, organized the symposium.  Many of Fred’s former students were on hand to pay tribute throughout the day.  This post will be updated once the presentations and tributes from the day become available.

A Day of Trustworthiness: Festschrift for Fred Schneider

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