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Vehicle-to-Grid Technology and SmartGeo: A Computing Research in Action Showcase

August 14th, 2013 / in CCC / by Kenneth Hines

CRIA BannerIn the fall of 2012, the Computing Community Consortium launched its “Computing Research in Action” series in partnership with Patrick Sammon (Story Center Productions), Executive Producer of Codebreaker, the award-winning film about Alan Turing. We’ve received several submissions since last fall and have produced two segments in the series.

The first segment features Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology at the University of Delaware with Fouad Kiamilev (Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering) and his team of researchers. With a fleet of MINI Coopers donated to the University by BMW, Fouad and his team of researchers demonstrate how V2G technology can facilitate power from a parked electric vehicle to send stored energy back to the grid into power markets.

V2G technology has been featured in the New York Times, and our own Computing Research Newsletter.

The second segment in the Computing Research in Action series features SmartGeo, an interdisciplinary engineering and science graduate program at the Colorado School of Mines, lead by CRA Board Member Tracy Camp and Mike Mooney. The SmartGeo program is “designed to prepare a new generation of leaders in the development of intelligent geosystems – enabling engineering and natural earth structure and environments that sense their environment and adapt to improve performance.” The SmartGeo program, funded by the National Science Foundation, involves five key components:

Collaborative Research Teams: To pursue transformative advances in intelligent geosystem concepts;

Science and Technology Policy: Designed to help students address the significant social, political and ethical challenges that geosystems pose; 

Leadership and Teamwork Development: To build skill sets required in today’s world;

Cross-Disciplinary Technical Coursework: Designed to truly enable students to think interdisciplinary;

Internships: Matching students with organizations who wish to advance intelligent geosystems.

For more information on the SmartGeo program, visit the program webpage.

            The CCC is still accepting submissions for the Computing Research in Action series. Selected projects will receive a $1500 travel award for a research team member to present the featured project at a conference. We encourage you to submit your research project for consideration by filling out this short entry form. .

Vehicle-to-Grid Technology and SmartGeo: A Computing Research in Action Showcase

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