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Japan-US Network Opportunity: R&D for “Beyond Trillions of Objects”

July 11th, 2013 / in Uncategorized / by Shar Steed

nsfThe NSF has recently issued a new program solicitation- Networking Technology and Systems (NeTS: JUNO), Japan-US Network Opportunity: R&D for “Beyond Trillions of Objects.”

According to the solicitation, the joint research and development program “addresses a critical subset of the issues that arise when environments with trillions of device and information objects are network-connected, as is expected to be the case by the year 2020. This trend will require novel approaches for network design and modeling, new technologies for network management and control in support of object mobility, and flexible networks with the speed, capacity and environmental characteristics needed to accommodate communications among objects in the emerging world. This program seeks joint Japan-US research projects that address these challenges.”

The NSF solicitation parallels an equivalent National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) of Japan solicitation, and proposals submitted must describe joint research with Japanese counterparts who are requesting funding separately under the NICT solicitation.

“This program seeks joint Japan-US research projects that leverage each nation’s expertise and address these challenges via work in three areas:


1. Network Design and Modeling: Addressing the design, modeling and component interaction challenges associated with increasingly dynamic and heterogeneous network technologies and applications at scale.


2. Mobility: Addressing issues such as security, control, provisioning, naming, discovery, and fast mobility in a world in which mobility is driven by factors such as social networks, the Internet of things, and cyber-physical systems.


3. Optical Networking: Finding novel approaches for sustainable high‐speed, high‐capacity, and energy-efficient networks that will accommodate communications required in “beyond trillions of devices and information objects” situations.”

The proposal deadline is October 09, 2013. Proposers are encouraged to contact J. Bryan Lyles ( two weeks prior to submission.

Japan-US Network Opportunity: R&D for “Beyond Trillions of Objects”

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