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21st Century Computer Architecture

May 29th, 2012

In April, the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) commissioned members of the computer architecture research community to generate a short report to help guide strategic thinking in this space.  The effort aimed to complement and synthesize other recent documents, including the CCC’s Advancing Computer Architecture Research (ACAR) visioning reports and a study by the National Academies.  Today, the CCC is releasing the resultant community white paper, 21st Century Computer Architecture:

Information and communication technology (ICT) is transforming our world, including healthcare, education, science, commerce, government, defense, and entertainment. It is hard to remember that 20 years ago the first step in information search involved a trip to the library, 10 years ago social networks were mostly physical, and 5 years ago “tweets” came from cartoon characters.


Importantly, much evidence suggests that ICT innovation is accelerating with many compelling visions moving from science fiction toward reality.  Appendix A both touches upon these visions and seeks to distill their attributes.  Future visions include personalized medicine to target care and drugs to an individual, sophisticated social network analysis of potential terrorist threats to aid homeland security, and telepresence to reduce the greenhouse gases spent on commuting.  Future applications will increasingly require processing on large, heterogeneous data sets (“Big Data”), using distributed designs, working within form-factor constraints, and reconciling rapid deployment with efficient operation [more following the link…].


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“Five Reasons ‘Big Data’ is a Big Deal”

May 29th, 2012

Mobiledia is out this week with an interesting article about “Big Data”:

"Five Reasons 'Big Data' is a Big Deal" [image courtesy Mobiledia].Technology is improving Siri, powering driverless cars, improving cancer treatment and even being called Big Brother. But “big data” is what makes it possible, and why it’s so important.


Big data refers to the analytic algorithms applied to vast amounts of data across several different places, or simply the math and computer formulas used to sift through massive amounts of data and analyze the results to answer questions and solve problems. The edge big data has over traditional analytics is its ability to include data types that aren’t organized in tabular formats, including written documents, images and video.


Big data has become a meme, shorthand for advancing trends in technology that can shed light on understanding the world and inform better decisions. And, it comes at a time when the amounts of data being created is exploding — growing at 50 percent a year, according to IDC estimates.


The powerful concept may revolutionize the planet with tools that can combat poverty, illness and crime while fueling unexpected and explosive innovation. Here are five reasons big data is already a big deal and affecting everyday life [more following the link…].


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